Nosh Hospitality Personnel

NOSH is Sydney’s Leading Supplier of casual, temporary and permanent Staffing Solutions to the Hospitality Industry

The NOSH Team are experts in matching exceptional staff options to complement your business, whether it’s an intimate party or a large scale corporate meeting, NOSH can provide a wide range of professional and friendly personnel to add a touch sophistication to your event. Partnering with NOSH Hospitality Personnel guarantees an unforgettable experience that leaves a positive lasting impression on you and your guests.

Meet the 'NOSHies'

NOSH has a fantastic array of hospitality service and management staff, as well as an experienced kitchen brigade and solid team of house keepers and corporate hosts. NOSH works closely with all staff to ensure their skill level and presentation is impeccable and that they excel at every opportunity. The management team make an extra effort to learn about the staff and as a result NOSH has an extraordinarily high retention rate of staff, some of whom have been Noshies for over ten years.

A number of NOSHies also boast both back and front of house skills making them ideal for difficult jobs that require an extra level of flexibility and innovation. Successful NOSH applicants quickly settle in as NOSHies and are often fast to form great friendships and strong work partnerships with staff of all levels. NOSH's team leader program mentors all new recruits in their first few shifts providing them with confidence and industry knowledge that can only be taught on the ground. With this is mind NOSH would like you to meet some of the incredibly dynamic team!

Noshie - Corentin
Noshie - Brenda
Noshie - Roman
Noshie - Diane
Noshie - Cleber
Noshie - Scott
Noshie - Will
Noshie - Magdalena
Noshie - Roberta
Noshie - Tarryn
Noshie - Max
Noshie - Aline