Our Core Team

NOSH’s Management team comprises of a diverse range of skills and experience, ensuring you receive the brightest talent in the hospitality sector.


For over three decades Mark Tallon has been passionately involved in the restaurant, events and staffing industry.  As the founding director he has been instrumental in the development of NOSH as Sydney’s leading supplier of premium staff.  Mark’s experience has spread the breadth of the restaurant industry with an array of impressive roles including restaurant manager as well as state and national general manager of restaurant groups.  Since creating NOSH, Mark has been influential in its growth from managing and overseeing large and high profile events to maintaining a clear focus on client relationships.


Ross Mitchell has been a leader in the hospitality industry in Sydney for over 25 years, joining Mark in the creation of NOSH, Ross also saw the void in the industry for quality hospitality staff. Ross remains “hands on” ensuring the vision and service ethos is enacted at every turn.  Over the past 25 years Ross has been involved in one way or another with some of the largest and high profile events and venues in Sydney. Ross adopted a service of excellence during his early days working for Gardener Merchant and then honed his skills and explored his passion for the catering industry with some of Sydney’s leading organisations. Ross established an uncompromising philosophy that continues to inspire him today and ensures the success of every aspect of the company.


Dominic has an unrivalled passion for hospitality, having worked extensively in the industry for over 20 years he possesses a strong focus on service delivery and staff management. Dom’s incredible experience includes high volume events, intimate meetings, management roles in hatted restaurants as well as leadership positions in boutique hotels and event operations. Dominic’s strength in the finer points of service excellence comes from his time managing high profile restaurants and events and is matched by his dedication to ensuring the delivery of quality client service. Currently completing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and having completed a Bachelor of Hospitality Management Dominic leads the business operations and overseas staffing coordination for clients.


Jennifer joined NOSH Hospitality Personnel in 2006, bringing with her extensive experience in financial management within the industry in both Australia and abroad.  Jen is focused on maintaining accurate and concise financial records for both NOSH and clients to ensure precise coordination of all accounting practices for the group. As the head of the finance team, Jen is responsible for a wide array of tasks which she handles with grace and skill to ensure the entire team is on track. Jen has the answer to every question and the solution for every problem, highly respected by the entire team, her work and management is unrivalled within the industry.


Brian joined NOSH in 2007 bringing with him a wealth of experience in managing payroll in the hospitality industry. With the ability to conduct payroll every week for hundreds of staff members without even a hint of stress, Brian displays a confidence in his skill and the team that is unparalleled. A pioneer in the hospitality industry, Brian is a quiet achiever but one of the most important and valued members of the NOSH Team.


Sonia joined NOSH in 2009 and is an incredibly important part of the Accounts team. With a wealth of experience in Hospitality Management and in owning her own business, Sonia effortlessly manages a number of different tasks within the role. Sonia’s ability to balance her life as a mother of three with her payroll business at home and her requirements at NOSH is a testament to her strong sense of organisation and time management. A vital part of the team, Sonia is one of the silent achievers who ensures all finances are in order and maintains strong relationships with clients.


Keiron recently re-joined our casual team as a corporate supervisor and boardroom manager and has been excelling at every turn. Realising the gem we had in our midst we have quickly snapped him up into the office to manage our corporate sector of staff and clients. Having operated within the Sydney restaurant scene for over 20 years, Keiron’s knowledge of elite hospitality benchmarks are second to none and we are excited to see him apply these skills to our training systems and staff coordination. Keiron spends his holidays in Italy every year enjoying la dolce vita and is always up for a chat and a good laugh. We look forward to seeing Keiron thrive within the NOSH Management team and work with our corporate clientele and staff.


Chris has taken over the kitchen operations for NOSH and is an invaluable part of the group’s dynamics. With a background in corporate administration and compliance at a Registered Training Organisations, Chris brings an unrivalled knowledge of industry-specific regulations and procedures. Chris’ determination to succeed and natural competitiveness stems from time travelling the world to play Ice Hockey at an international level and provides him with an easy confidence often required in the Hospitality industry. Chris’s attention to detail and precision is one of the many admirable qualities that makes him a great asset to NOSH.


Having worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years, Fiona has a strong understanding of the skills required and the intricacies behind every event. With a number of years under her belt in the office, Fi works with the team to staff major events and stadia. Balancing a work and home life Fi works tirelessly to look after her family and our NOSH team.


Moving to Australia in 2015 from Ukraine, Liliya joined The Accounts Team in 2018 with experience in bookkeeping and administration across insurance, airline and information technology industries. The role of Account Assistant has provided Liliya with the opportunity to be a part of almost every area of the business and she had quickly become an integral part of the NOSH Team. Whether assisting in accounts payable or receivable, and front desk work, Liliya strives for perfection and takes pride in representing the NOSH Team.


Since joining NOSH in 2017, Christopher has brought to the team a diverse range of skills. At times assisting with payroll and accounts, other times creating the visual content for the company. Drawing from his multidisciplinary studies that range from: Marketing & Advertising, Interior Design to Video Art, Christopher is the jack of all trades in our business. Aside from being the creative of the accounts team, Christopher is otherwise known as a Sydney-based video artist with works that have been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Sydney Underground Film Festival.