NOSH specialises in well-trained, highly skilled hospitality personnel that can confidently represent the elite standards required by our diverse client operations.  Simply put, NOSH seeks motivated and dedicated people who want to work in both the corporate and event teams.

NOSH offers a variety of hospitality roles including chefs and kitchen hands, function and corporate boardroom wait staff, butlers, baristas, event supervisors and bar staff, as well as concierge, valet, customer service and promotions roles.

It is a condition of employment that our team embody the immaculate presentation, punctuality and skill set required to meet NOSH and each client’s expectation.

Corporate Services

Corporate Staff

NOSH has a clear understanding of the style and sophistication required of Corporate Staff

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Platinum Services


NOSH Platinum offers a new benchmark in boardroom and event service

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Function Services

Function & Event Staff

Focussed on delivering each and every event in a stylish and professional manner

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Event Crew


EVENTcrew specialises in highly skilled, trained and accredited venue and event staff

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Kitchen Services


NOSH's Kitchen Team consists of a variety of skilled staff ready to create exquisite food

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Executive Services

Executive Recruitment

NOSH is committed to ensuring confidential, professional and personalised service

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House Keeping


NOSH's Housekeeping Team is professional and discrete

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Hosts & Receptionists

Corporate Hosts & Receptionists

A highly skilled addition to any office environment

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