Serving Up The Best Staff

Having Hospitality staff that’s top notch can be a huge part of creating the right event atmosphere. NOSH Hospitality’s business manager Dominic O’Hearn shares the essential ingredients for quality staff.

O’Hearn’s seen his share of industry professionals from managing Jonah’s at Palm Beach to event sales at Fresh Catering to working with Rockpool Group. Now at NOSH, his expertise has turned to recruiting well-skilled hospitality professionals.

While the current economic climate has lead many employers to either opt out of full time recruitment or to look for an outsourced staffing solution, O’Hearn says that more corporations are realising that outsourcing hospitality allows them “to get back to their core business whatever that may be”.

Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to maintain high levels of service coupled with the flexibility of contract staff.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” he says. “Whilst there are fewer corporate hospitality opportunities available and better skilled candidates are applying, employers need to be very selective so they can maintain an excellent calibre of staff.”

“It’s paramount that job experience, immaculate presentation and punctuality be matched by a good, positive attitude.” He says that while NOSH’s internal training program can develop skills, a bad attitude can’t be fixed, and therefore isn’t tolerated.

“In the past ten years, the hospitality industry has progressed to a point where corporate hospitality staff are seen as professionals even if they are casual contract staff. At the moment employers are looking at outsourced contract staff to ensure flexibility and minimise wage costs.” This is where NOSH comes in. Offering professional staff (with a good attitude) on a flexible basis as demand requires.

Working closely with his clients, O’Hearn has built a strong reputation delivery on his promise: “We employ the best people in our business so we can supply the best people to your business”