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Chances are if you’re looking for a job, it’s highly likely that you will be interviewed or at the very least your application will be screened via phone at some stage. Often the first direct contact you’ll have with...

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Sydney Job Hunting


At NOSH we get to see hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes of job hopefuls. We see great resumes and we also see some that are not so good. So, what do you do when the job you’ve been...

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R U OK Day? A Hospitality Perspective

RUOK? A simple question but of vital importance, and one that could change or save a life.  Along with business success, one of the things NOSH Hospitality has always endeavoured to create a welcoming, warm and friendly place to...

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What makes a good supervisor

What Makes a Good Supervisor?

Quite often you hear conversation from clients lamenting the shortage of senior staffers with experience, maturity and motivation. Good supervisors are hard to come by in our industry, as there is still the perception that hospitality is a temporary...

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20 years of the team behind the biggest events

The people. The events. The partnerships. These are what have cultivated NOSH into the powerhouse of quality hospitality personnel it is today. From our first staff member and humble beginnings in 1995 to today having employed over 23,500 staff,...

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Nosh Website on Laptop

The Launch of the Brand New Nosh Website

To commemorate our 20th year in the hospitality industry, NOSH is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website. We have added some amazing images of recent events and more detailed information into who we are...

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Serving Up The Best Staff

Having Hospitality staff that’s top notch can be a huge part of creating the right event atmosphere. NOSH Hospitality’s business manager Dominic O’Hearn shares the essential ingredients for quality staff. O’Hearn’s seen his share of industry professionals from managing...

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